E.Pizzi – Baby sleeps


E.Pizzi – Baby sleeps



TR. 5a
Instrumentation: bariton, clarinet and piano


(2014) [02:30]


TR. 5b
Instrumentation: soprano, flute, clarinet and strings


(2014) [02:30]

TR. 5c:
Instrumentation: soprano, flute and piano


(2014) [03:00]

TR. 5d:
Instrumentation: flute, violin and piano


(2014) [02:30]

Berceuse for solo voice, mandolin and piano by Emilio Pizzi (1861-1940)
Text by Arlence Veyrah
Elaborated by Lucio Mosè Benaglia.


Dedication: TRA.5a – Gerald and Julian Häußler | TRA.5b Judith Hesping and MusicAlmenno
First performance | Performers: TR.5b: 2016 – Maximilianskirche in Munich – Judith Hesping, soprano – Orchestra MusicAlmenno – conductor Francesco Mazzoleni | 2016 – Basilica di S.Martino in Alzano Lombardo – Judith Hesping, soprano – Orchestra MusicAlmenno – conductor Francesco Mazzoleni | TR.5c: 2018 – Maximilianskirche of Munich – Isabella von Kuepach, soprano – Denise Fagiani, flute – Anne Horsch, organ | TR.5d: 2019 – Parish Church of S.Pellegrino Terme – Denise Fagiani, flute – Marco Mazzoleni, violin – Stefano Gatti, piano
Edition: unpublished work
Description: Revisitation of the beautiful and unfortunately little known melody of Emilio Pizzi for several organic. Suitable for various concert occasions and for its character, even if the text is not expressly sacred, even for concerts during the Christmas period.