Lucio Mosè

I come from a family where art has always been at home. My father is a painter and sculptor, my sister is a ceramist. I am accustomed to appreciate and love the manual and practical dimension of art, having experienced the concrete reality of an art studio up close.

Also for this reason, my way of thinking and making music wishes to embrace very concrete and practical aspects: from the musical composition for liturgies, to that to be built around a poetic text or a film, to the rediscovery of a music no longer performed for a long time, to be revived by rewriting it in full philological respect or even arranging it following my instinct and my musical nature.

Welcome to my atelier!

My works

In this section you can view the general catalogue of my works, which is divided into original compositions (LMB-OP), revisions (LMB-RE), transcriptions (LMB-TR), elaborations of choral and religious melodies (LMB-SA), music for films (LMB-FI) and other genres (LMB-PE).

For each piece the salient aspects are described. Images or videos underline moments related to its performances or its genesis. Audio documentation is available with several tracks.

From Italy to Germany

About me

Since I was a child I had a great passion for music and actively participated in the first forms of musical activity that were the only ones available in the environment where I grew up: the choir of my parish and the school choir.

During my middle school studies, during the only hour of music scheduled in the curriculum, I had the great fortune to meet an exceptional teacher, Gianluigi Trovesi, who later became an internationally renowned clarinetist and jazz musician. Thanks to him and his encouragement, I started studying piano with Pierluigi Forcella, with whom I prepared the midterm exam at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

After continuing my piano studies with the pianist Laura Paoli and studying harmony with Sergio Gianzini, I moved to Munich where I continued my piano studies under the guidance of Katharina Gerbitz and Margit Urban, graduating in 2001 under the guidance of Margit Urban by the Istituto Musicale “Gaetano Donizetti” in Bergamo, my hometown.