Pastorale in stile bergamasco


Pastorale in stile bergamasco


Original compositions

Op.10a for organ

(2002) [3:30]


Op.10b for string quartett

(2009) [4:50]


Op.10c for violin and organ

(2009) [3:30]

Instrumentation: several instrumentations
Dedication: Op.10a – Franz Hauk | Op.10c – Martin Eidenschink
First performance | Performer: Op.10a: 2003 – Münster of Ingolstadt – Franz Hauk, organ
Further performances | Performers:
2007 – Parish church of Albano S.Alessandro – Massimiliano di Fino, organ | 2010 – Frauenkirche in Munich – Hans Leitner, organo |  2010 – Parish Church of Mozzo – Fulvio Manzoni, organ  | 2011 – Parish Church of Gorle – Paolo Testa, organ | 2014 –  Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris – Marie Agnès Grall-Menet, organ | 2015 – Maximilianskirche in Munich – Hans Stockmeier, organ | 2019 – Marienkirche of Lübeck – Johannes Unger, organ
Op.10b: 2009 – Parish church of Orio al Serio – Quintetto Italiano
Op.10c: 2020 – Bürgersaalkirche Munich – Martin Eidenschink and Lucio Benaglia
Edition: Benaglia-Edition
Description: (from the edition’s preface)

Bergamo, the city in which I was born and where I grew up, boasts a long and great organ tradition carried on for centuries by great composers, illustrious organists and talented organ builders. One of the favourite forms of organ music enjoyed by the people of this area has always been the Pastorale which is still a must in concerts and liturgy programmes during the Christmas period. It lends itself well to the countless organs, no matter if large or small, scattered within the Orobic region. These organs were expertly crafted by great organ families such as the Bossi’s and the Serassi’s, who were prolific in the production of instruments with a very original and unmistakable sound.

It is thinking of these prodigious instruments, of their registers, of the artistic beauty and the scent of the choir chambers that enshrine them, that I composed this Pastorale in stile bergamasco, in the name of tradition and in memory of this humble and popular form, that has contributed so much to my passion for music and to the development of my musical taste.