Symphonic Postcards – The Four Seasons


Symphonic Postcards – The Four Seasons


Original compositions

Nr.1a Autumn – Rain in the woods
(2019) [2:40]

Nr.1b Autumn – Rain in the woods
(2019) [2:40]

Nr.2a Winter – Adamello, the eternal glacier
(2019) [2:50]

Nr.2b Winter – Adamello, the eternal glacier
(2019) [2:50]

Nr.3a Spring – The happy flight of the swallows around the found nests
(2019) [2:10]

Nr.3b Spring – The happy flight of the swallows around the found nests
(2019) [2:10]

Nr.4a Summer – Dance on the yard around the harvest
(2019) [2:00]

Nr.4b Summer – Dance on the yard around the harvest
(2019) [2:00]

Instrumentation: Nr.1/2/3/4a Traditional Symphony Orchestra | Nr.1/2/3/4b Wind band with added strings, electric guitar and percussions
Dedication: Nr.1/2/3/4a: Akademisches Orchester Leipzig – Leipzig | Nr.1/2/3/4b Orchestra Musicalmenno – Bergamo
First performance | Interpreters: Nr.1/2/3/4a: 08.10.2022 – PMaximilianskirche -Munich – Orchestra Ensemble Lodron –   conductor Gerald Häußler | Nr.1/2/3/4b: 26.12.2019 – Parish Church of Almenno S.Bartolomeo (BG) – Orchestra MusicAlmenno – conductor Francesco Mazzoleni
Edition: unpublished work
Description: little orchestral pieces inspired by readings and reflections on the current theme of the destruction of nature and climatic variations caused by man.




These short pieces, dedicated to the four seasons, were written between May and June 2019, after some orchestration exercises that led led me to compose some short piano pieces by Mendelssohn, Grieg and Liszt for a large symphony orchestra. At the suggestion of my composition teacher Prof. Laurence Traiger, I decided decided to write my own short compositions for symphony orchestra in the in the tradition of programme music. These were my first works with such a large ensemble. Symphonic music then, but with what programme? At that time, after the first big climate strike on 14 December 2018 in Munich, there were increasingly frequent discussions and debates in our family about climate change and youth movements to protect the climate and the environment. My children were often the initiators of such discussions which usually arose at the dinner table. So I decided to take up exactly this topic for my work. I referred to one of the most famous examples in the history of programme music, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concertos. My idea was, to create four short symphonic miniatures, each representing one of the seasons and, just as in Vivaldi’s scores, to use images set to music.

But which images? So I searched my visual memory for some memories of my youth in Italy (I was born in Bergamo and moved to Munich in 1993) which immediately brought me back to this wonder of nature which at every season is repeated firmly, unfailingly, unchangingly and reassuringly.

In my imagination, these images are still there, fixed before my eyes, reassuring and unchanging. The reality, however, has been quite different. None of us can pretend any more that nothing is happening; The effects of climate change are already visible on a large scale, they are being felt more and more every day and can no longer be hidden or played down. Directly related to the images that characterise my pieces, a few examples:

Nr.1 – The long autumn rains, the damp autumn mists no longer exist in my no longer exist in my country. October and November have become drier and warmer months.

Nr.2 – The Adamello glacier, not far from my city of Bergamo, is melting at a rate unimaginable just a few years ago. It is one of the largest glaciers in the Italian Alps which according to estimates will have disappeared within thirty years.

Nr.3 – Fewer and fewer swallows come to my Italian village in spring. These animals, which have to travel thousands of kilometres in order to to reproduce each year in the areas where they are born. They find not enough food on the long journey because of the drought.  Many birds exhausted during the long flight without reaching their destination.

Nr.4 – There are no more harvest festivals in my home country. Fewer and fewer people devote themselves to the work in the fields. The soil, instead of being a gift of nature to the people for their food and livelihood, the soil has becomena mere instrument of real estate speculation and more and more fertile land is being turned into concrete deserts.

I look around me and I ask myself: my God, what have I done to Your creation that You entrusted to me? The beauty of memories and the power of nostalgia should make us to reflect and to act decisively to try to repair the damage that has been done. We can perhaps still be able to do this. We can at least try.

Lucio Mosè Benaglia

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